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    Very few things piss me off more than when one of my clients thinks it’s okay to spoil a slave I sold him.

    Did you seriously drill off his permanent steel collar?  And where the hell did his protector go?  WHAT are you thinking?

    A) You deserve what you have coming: a slave who will revert back to its sense of self and independence, and eventually formulate thoughts of escape.

    B) That’s the last slave I’m selling you.  You’re done.  And I’m letting the rest of the dealers know about you.  Once you’ve lost this slave because of your stupidity, you’ll never be able to buy a replacement again.

    What a moron.

    (via dogoarg)



    Thought I’d do these fags a favor. Give ’em the chance to experience a REAL MAN.

    Lucky boy has a daddy made those fags lick his sons pits in training

    But that boy looks like he would knotting doing some pit licking itself

    (Source: bonehard)

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